Gymboree aims to provide opportunities for parents and children to build milestones together. 

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Children will know themselves through trying and experience different education and entertainment, and parent will understand their preference, habit, talent, and though that can create a tight relationship.



With multiple experience, children can have an entertaining and vibrant childhood, they will learn how to make their own decision and how to present their own voice. 



In the process of children grow up, the most important thing for the family is witness each other advance together.

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Science Lab [teach] 

Science lab educate children knowledge about world, so that they will have foundation before go to school. 

Science lab let children evolve passion into knowledge. Parents and children can learn and participate about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics together. Instead the normal dry classes, they will gain the knowledge with fun experience that children won’t resist learning. Also, learning with parents make children feel more comfortable and confident. 

Similar: Exploratorium/ Children’s Museum of Denver

Different: We provide class that children can take with parents.

Arts and Culture Museum [teach]

Art and culture museum expend children’s perspective through diverse culture, so that they can have open-minded. 

Arts and culture museum help children become civilized and comprehensive. Provide an environment that children and parents can appreciate and enjoy movies, music, dance, art, myth, and books. Through appreciation, they will learn different culture and have diverse perspective that they can tolerance people who have different background with open-minded. 

Similar: MOMA/ TED talk

Different: We present not only a space that children can appreciate art, but also an idea to accept and respect.

Creature Library [collaborate]

Creature library show the variety and multiformity of life, so that they will gain interest with exploring the world.

Creature library  present all kind of life form that children and parents will be educate life is variety and multiformity. Provide an environment where combine zoo and aquarium that children and parents can learn the knowledge of life. This library will divide to several parts which base on the weather and geography. Children will recognize there have massive of creature in the world wild. They will see the form of life and learn the habit of creature. 

Similar: Zoo/ Aquarium 

Different: We are not only present animal and plants, but also introduce them with geography and aerography. 




Be Little Artist [collaborate]

Be little artist support and help children to explore ideas, so that they can express their imagination and creation. 

Be little artist help children to build an unlimited childhood with imagination and inspiration. Children and parents can take the handmade class or art class together. In the class they will learn how to draw, paint, sing, and dace. Children can learn all kind of talent that they are interesting with. It is an opportunity that children can explore their creativity and imagination.

Similar: Children’s Museum of the Arts/ Art Center for Kids

Different: We are not only provide class for children, but also let parents join with their kids. 

Be Little Farmer [collaborate]   

Be little farmer let children experience and understand where is the food come from, so that they will be grateful and cherish.   

This event lets children and parents self-experience “you reap what you sow” in farm work. Children and parents can participate the farm work and being the farmer in the event. They can cut the sheep fur, clean the farmhouse, and water the crops. They will go through the whole process of the farming, and they will know how hard it is, so they will be grateful the food, be respect with farmer. 

Similar: Leaping Lamb Farm/ Self Farming

Different: We not only provide the farming experience, but also provide a chance that family can have an impressive memory in the process.

Be Little Athlete [collaborate]

Be little athlete provide chance to let children have sport activity with parents, so that they can advance body healthy and relationship together. 

Be little athlete let children and parents witness the process of endeavor and enjoy the moment. Sport activity host all type of sport game, and children and parents can cooperate as a team inside. It will force Them have more interaction than normal day. The point is about how to work together, and parents will understand that the ranking and grade aren’t the most important things. Children will gain a healthy body, also they will build a stronger connection with parents. 

Similar: The Little Gym/ My Gym

Different: Instead provide sport class to children, we prepare a chance that children can teamwork with parents on sport. 




Future Develop Program [collaborate]

Future develop program expand children’s living skills, so that can help them find their interest and direction in future life.

Future develop program help children to advance their interest and habit. In the program children can choose different section of life skill that they would like to learn. The program include cooking and baking class, organize and decorate the house, and repair house with tools. Everything in the program are using the actual tools that children will learn how to use them in appropriate way, and parents will learn how to trust their children. Future develop program provide a chance let children to present themselves to their parents. As long as parents see what their kid capable, they will learn to trust them more. 

Similar: Kid Sense Child Develop/ Child Development Services

Different: Our program use actual tools which not only teach children the right way to use, but also prove to parents that they are reliable.

Life Appreciate Class [teach]

Life appreciate class let children experience of taking care of small animal, so that they learn responsibility and the value of life.

Life appreciate class main to educate children respect and responsible before adopt pets. Life appreciate class provide a physical class which is face to face with pets and teach family how to take care of home pets and plants, and to understand the value of life. In the class, we also will help family to choose the pet or plant base on the living style or living area that they can take care of easily. It is an opportunity to let children know it is necessary to respect and be responsible with life. 

Similar: Lollypop Farm/ MSPCA-Angell/ Lindsay Wildlife Experience 

Different: We not only educate and inform family the knowledge of home pets and plants, but also award them the actual living situation with it.

Parents Guiding Program [support]

Parents guiding program organize massive information to parents, so that can teach them how to raise their children. 

Parents Guiding Program provide information and direction for parents who need help on raising children. Every parents need to be prepare and help while being parents. This program include every status of children, such as newborn, infant, toddler, tween, and teenager. Parents can choose the class base on their situation that is suitable for them. The program can be online or onsite and the time also flexible that parents can take the class easily. In the program, there will be all kind of information that is about children’s psych and mental. Parents will be educate how to provide approbate food for children, how to communicate and solve children’s insight problem. 

Similar: Center for Parenting Education/ ACT Raising Safe Kids Program

Different: Our program follow the step that parents are and customize the class and schedule for them.

Safety Class [teach]

Safety class teach children how to protect themselves from dangerous and disaster, so that their life have more guarantee.

Safety class educate children and parents to have correct response of dangerous or emergency. Children and parents can learn how to protect themselves while facing dangers. There will have fist aid class, disaster experience room, disaster prevent step, etc. Children will learn to protect themselves and be more aware in daily life. It is a proper chance for parents to educate their children. 

Similar: Life Safety Learning Center/ American Red Cross

Different: We combine the disaster and daily dangerous prevent class together that children can learn how to protect themselves in any occasion.




Gym Play/ Playground [collaborate]

Gym play brought family play together, so that they can build happy memories in their life. 

Gym play gather entertainment equipment for children and parents and fill happiness into their life. Having fun together is the most direct way to gain impressive memory. Play ground theme park have land park and water park that provide two way of entertainment for family. The facility in the park not only consider safety, but also want the little kids can take ride without high or age limit; therefore, our theme park focus on whole family participate and have fun together. 

Similar: Disney/ Universal Studio

Different: We focus on family take ride together, rather than excited facility that our theme park is suitable for younger children. 

Gym Care/ Look After Center [support]

Gym care provide space and look after for senior and children, so that their family no need to be worry.

Gym care help family who need a space or professional to take care children and senior. In the look after center, we provide the nursery service for senior and children. grandparents can spend time with grandchildren, and there will have staff near by incase they need help. It provide a chance to senior who want to play with kids but they might don’t have enough energy for it. Look after center collect the professional space and expert that dual-earner family will be at ease. 

Similar: Day Care/ Nursing Home

Different: Our facility have multiple service for family that whole family can have good time.

Gym Help/ Information and Consults Center [support]

Gym help assist parents to clarify problem and doubts, so that they can have a easier process of raising kids.

Gym help assist parents to solve the problem through onsite or online service. We gather and organize all kind of information that parents might need while raising the kids. The information will separate into different categories or divide by children’s age that parents can search easily. Except the website, there also have a consults center that parents can go for advice from experts. They can ask and seek the information about children’s physical, mental, future development, and relationship with parents. We provide website and face to face consults to help and support families.

Similar: Parents Magazine/ Parents Center Hub

Different: We provide this center as extra workshop for the parents who took the parents guiding program and still have question or confusion. 

Gym Talk/ Communication and Interaction Center [support]

Gym talk let parents share personal experience to each other, so that can help them from physical and mental.

Gym talk provide a space to let parents exchange their opinion and experience of raising kids.  Raising children is not an easy job, and parents will facing lots of problem. Sometimes parents would like to share their own stories or personal experience. Talk to others help them to release the stress, and also give them different perspective to solve the problem between them and their children. This center not only provide the chance to let parents chat and meet new people, but also give them support on raising kids. 

Similar: Support Group/ Horizons Developmental Resource Center

Different: We provide space to let parents get information and supports from each other. 




Find Here App [support] 

Find here app collect information for parents to know where is safe and near house, so that they can bring their kids to. 

Find here app help parents to discover and explore the location to hang out that is near to their house. This app focus on make parents life easier. For example, when they try to find a park to bring children to go,  they will want it is near to their place and the environment is safe. The app will provide location that is close to nature, easy to find food and restroom, also, it will give the rate to show the location is not homeless or crime area. This app will report to Administration for Children and Families, so they can tell which area might need improvements. 

Similar: Yelp/ Place Near Me

Different: Our location recommend base on safety and convenient for children and parents. 

City Collector App [support]

City Collector app help people to collect and provide recommend for family, so that they will know where they can go for trip or where they already went. 

City collector is a collecting app that people to record their tip. City collector will document where they have been and what they have seen in their trip. At the begging, the map in the app is misty, as long as people go travel and take picture or location, the map will unlock section by section. The app also will introduce the history background, culture, and circumambient information. The map not only collect the city, but also culture and human heritage. To see and face it by itself always more effect than knowing by books. It is a chance to let people respect and value the culture we create. 

Similar: Polarsteps/ Day One

Different: Our app is more like a game rather than just a tools app, we help people to record their trip and give them extra information about it. 


Milestone Record App [collaborate]

Milestone record app let parents document process of raising children, so that they can preserve the precious memories.

Milestone record is an app to let parents share their kid raise process, and they can see others experience to get some new ideas. In the app, there have different categories theme, such as interior design for kids room, meal for kids, handmade kid clothes, new products for children, pregnant outfit, parent-child outfit, etc. Parents can share their personal story board on it that not only a milestone record for themselves, but also a reference for others.

Similar: Instagram/ Tinybeans

Different: We are not only provide a diary for record, but also a platform for inspire of raising kids.




Gym Shop/ Mall [support]

Gym shop provide the goods for parents and children, so the the whole family can gather the groceries together. 

Gym shop sells multiple living needs which let people can get everything at once. Gym shop provide all kinds of products that family needs in several department, such as foods, clothes, books, stationaries, groceries, and entertainments. Parents can find the products which help them grow up the kids, and families can get the stuffs that they need in daily life. It is a mall that can fit all kind of families. 

Similar: Mall/ Plaza

Different: We focus on the living needs that family will actual use in their life, not just for shopping. 

Let's play, have fun, and grow together.